Freestylin’ on Fallon

Thanks to an email blast courtesy of the Beastie Boys, I tuned into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week—they did an amazing rendition of So What’cha Want backed up by The Roots. Check it out about 19:35 into this episode.

I decided to tune in again Friday night, and was treated to—dare I say—an even better performance. Here’s the setup: Fallon asks members of the audience for a few details of their lives, then challenges The Roots crew to freestyle a song on the spot. Even better, they have to match a specific style or genre of music. It’s incredible to hear what they come up with in a pinch. The clip below is about 10 minutes, and you’re in for a treat if you have time to watch the whole thing. Hint: The Roots channeling Paul Simon.

I have to say, this show is really growing on me.

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