Urban Photo Safari

If you own a digital camera, live anywhere near Kansas City, and have a little free time this weekend, be sure to check out the 4th annual Urban Photo Safari.

You can find all of the important details here, but here’s the elevator pitch for the impatient: you’re given four hours and a geographic boundary to shoot as many pics as your memory card can hold. Your 10 favorite pics are posted on the Urban Photo Safari website. Once everyone’s photos are posted, you look them over and vote for the 10 best. The photo that gets the most votes wins.

I’ve done it twice now and I’m hooked. It’s a great way to stretch your creative muscles, meet some cool people and see a lot of great photos.

One thought on “Urban Photo Safari

  1. Hey brotha. Nice to see the Urban post. I’m gettin’ pretty dang excited about this year. I’ve heard from alot of people and there is a fair amount of buzz going around as well.

    Also wanted to drop a little pre-thanks for pitching in this year and helping out with the event staff part. Greatly appreciated.

    What’s that thing Marcus says all the time? Oh yeah… “It’s gonna be tight!”.