Notes from Where 2.0

The first hour of where has been interesting; Google announced today’s launch of StreetView: see it in action. During the presentation, John Hanke from Google ran through a couple of really remarkable examples of the power of Street View, including finding parking in San Fran. He zoomed in on the parking lot, zoomed in on the sign at the the entrance to the parking lot and was close enough to read that the parking lot was open to the public… there’s incredible potential here.

GeoRSS was mentioned in every presentation. Tagging has been a big topic, particularly how to open up tagging users and maintain clean, usable data.

The break’s ending… more news, thoughts, and notes to come.

One thought on “Notes from Where 2.0

  1. Dang dude. Sweet app. So, how exactly are they collecting all this data? I can’t remember who it was but, someone was collecting street level data from a special short bus in NYC. Might have been Google. Not sure.

    So, you have a small portion of SF. Very cool. But the amount of data that’s needed on a large scale has got to be insane. I can’t imagine anyone else but, Google being able to pull this off. The new server farm they have in Oregon should help. Very cool. What else is goin’ on there?