I’m In STEP!

In the last month’s issue of STEP Inside Design, their closing column, Room 650, issued a challenge to rethink Corporate logos. Given the political season, I thought it might be fun to rethink the RNC logo, so I mashed it up with the old Sinclair logo, fired it off to STEP and promptly forgot about it.

Flipping through this month’s issue (Sept – Oct), I was pleasantly surprised to see my logo gracing the pages.

3 thoughts on “I’m In STEP!

  1. Congratulations!

    This logo makes me laugh and laugh. So clever! I suspect a lot of the indignant commenters on your later post about it don’t remember the Sinclair logo (too young, perhaps?) and seem to be missing the point, or one of them anyway.

  2. @G, thanks!

    Yes, some people do seem to be missing the point, but I’m enjoying hearing the reactions to the logo.