Enkoder for Leopard

The always handy e-mail obfuscation utility for Mac OS X is now a bona-fide Leopard-friendly (and free) application. Get it here.

For the huddled Mac-less (or older OS X cats), you can use a web-based version.

If you do any kind of web design or development and you like keeping your clients spam-free, this app will make your life much easier.

We are the machines.

Really interesting article from the Atlantic — Is Google Making Us Stupid? The gist is that with such easy access to near-limitless amounts of information, we let machines supplant thinking and our attention span and memory retention suffers accordingly. I think the historical examples found at the end of the article are an interesting counterpoint to the premise — be wary of change because Bad Things will surely occur. However, in every example, the changes — paper, printing press, internet — brought much more positive change than negative. Perhaps we’re in the thick of a similar cycle — our brains just need to catch up with our ambition.