Local! (sort of)

So I’m reading Speak Up, one of the best design forums around, when I run across a site called Six°, a zine created by a group of North Carolina State design students. I click on the current multimedia issue, and I see a familiar name: Tyler Galloway, a former KC resident.

Tyler is currently completing his Master’s Degree at NC State, with plans return to KC and teach at the Kansas City Art Insitute.

It’s a small, small world.

1 thought on “Local! (sort of)”

  1. hey kyle! nice little blog ya got here. the six degrees project is a pretty amazing effort put together by basically one undergrad student here at ncsu. i have to say this design department is one of the best i have seen. many of the students go on to major things — walker art center fellowships, ideo, and such. i got a copy of the printed publication, and it’s pretty nice — definitely on the expressive side of things. this first issue includes an article from recent aiga medalist (and head of grad/phd depts here) meredith davis — her take on where the field is and where it needs to go to establish itself properly as a profession.

    well, just wanted to say hi. looking forward to getting back to kc by mid summer.

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