SXSW Interactive is drawing near. Dean and I will southbound on the 9th representing the Big G. My calendar is double and triple booked — too many interesting panels (and parties) to choose from. I’m really looking forward to meeting a lot of talented people, getting rid of all of my moo cards, and scouting for talent. We have quite a few web spots open at work, so if you’re looking for a job in Sausalito CA or Olathe KS, track me down.

In other news, Dean, Marcus and I met some nice folks from Adobe and Studio B Films last week, and there’s tons of video to prove it. Here’s the story: I handed a business card to an Adobe PR rep at Macworld 2006. Fast forward a year, and I get a CS3 beta invite followed by an invite to appear in an Adobe video talking about how they help us GTD. I figured they would show up with a couple of people and a hand held camera. Wrong. A whole crew with a truck full of lights and cameras and a full day of shooting. Crazy. We’ll see how it turned out later this month.

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