Easy, Fast, and Free

I needed to send a 50Mb file to a vendor recently. In the past, the lowest-hassle (but slowest) solution was to burn a disc and drop it in the mail. I’ve heard of services that allow you to email large files online, so it seemed like the perfect time to try DropSend. I’m a believer. It’s simple—I had an account set up in less than a minute. It’s fast—I uploaded a 50Mb file in a little over a minute. I was automatically notified when the vendor downloaded the file. Best of all, it didn’t cost me a dime (although I’d happily pay for the service). Did I mention the free gifts?

DropSend offers different levels of pricing for their service, from free to $19 for power users.

If you need to send or store large files online, this is the place.