Substance & Style

Buy this book! Ryan Hembree, founder of Indicia Design in Kansas City, has just released a great book: The Complete Graphic Designer, A Guide to Understanding Graphics and Visual Communication.

Unlike the bulk of graphic design books on the market today, Ryan’s book offers substance — covering everthing from process to layout to branding — and style — it’s packed with oodles of examples from notable designers.

2 thoughts on “Substance & Style

  1. Sure the book might have some good content but RYAN HEMBREE is a first class jerk-off! He was an instructor for graphics 1 at UMKC in Kansas City and every one hated him. At least that is what it seemed. He might have directed the book project but I know the intern that made a ton of calls and got tons of the content put together. He had her convinced that her UNPAID internship working for him was going to be the best thing she had on her resume. But then again he is good at surrounding himself with more talented people than himself. Just look at the designers that have won him his awards. Students right out of college working probably for the lowest pay possible. Buy it if you choose but it’s just a shiny wrapper put around the accomplishments of more able designers. What is he going to do next? Start his own design annual and slap his name on the cover.

  2. Dang Mark. A little bitter are we? You mean to tell me that you hate someone so bad that you are going to take time out of your day to slam him on someone else’s blog? I mean really Mark. What’s the real story? Sounds like the guy stole your puppy.

    So, in the end what you are saying is that it’s a good book but, you have some personal issues with the writer?

    Oh, and your book is where? I’m sure that comment will get you all hot and bothered but, my point is… it’s easier to tear down a house than build one. Alot of hard work went into this book by interns and others. And, in the end, that intern got published. Not a bad little gem to add to your resume.

    In the end, when that intern has more experience, she can in turn hire interns for her book project. Once she has more contacts, more money, more experience, a publishing house contact. etc. etc. The book isn’t just about the layout. Ever try and get a book published? If so, I’d like to hear the comments.