Links of Interest 8.8

Blueprint CSS – another CSS framework (think Yahoo’s UI Grids), but this one is based on the design and development work at the Lawrence Journal-World, so it’s very focused on designers’ needs with a flexible grid, predefined typography, print styles, etc. What’s a CSS framework? It basically takes a lot of the pain out of CSS development by giving you a pre-tested and pre-coded set of files, allowing you to focus on designing your site rather than fixing the inevitable browser bugs (i.e., IE).

Branding works! – in a somewhat disturbing study, researchers discovered that any food wrapped in McDonald’s packaging was more appealing to 3 – 5 year-olds than food in plain wrappers… even McDonald’s food in plain wrappers.

Someone from Sony is Twittering the shoot for the latest Bravia spot.

Flickr’s adding video – details are sketchy, but it’s interesting to think about how this could change the Flickr experience…

** update ** a little more Flickr news of note; they’ve redesigned their upload page and it’s the bees knees.