Links of Interest 9.12

The age of the slide show – there are so many good ways to get your ideas out into the world these days… what are you waiting for? ~ via Zeus Jones

The Meaning of Service Design – excerpts of my favorite thought:

…the push to define “service design” seemed increasingly meaningless. …Defining disciplines lacks value. Instead, we should ask ourselves, ‘What is the RESULT of service design? What industries does it touch? What is its deeper purpose?”

— swap “service design” with graphic design, web design, marketing, etc. and you have something to ponder for a while. ~ via Adaptive Path

Some good advice from Paul Arden, an ex-creative director from Saatchi ~ via AP (again)

If you use CSS in any capacity and want to make your life infinitely easier, do your bad self a favor and check out BlueprintCSS. There’s even a grid generator that makes it hard not to love… assuming you’re the type who can comfortably use “CSS” and “love” in a single sentence.