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What’s Plaguing Viral Marketing – I don’t really agree with the argument here, but it’s an interesting read; the researcher posits that viral marketers are targeting “Influentials” who can quickly spread messages and ideas like, uh, a virus. He argues that “normal” people are just as influential, and marketers focus on large groups of sheep. Meh, back to the lab.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Web Developer Toolbar – everybody loves a list, me included. I’ve found 5 out of 10 of these tips really useful in the past week.

Icon Design: Anti-Aliasing – great write up, and it reminded me of a underused little setting in Illustrator, Pixel Preview (option-cmd-y).

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  1. Watt’s report has gotten a lot of “viral” press itself. For us marketers, it is still a matter of identifying those that will keep and share our brand.