SXSW: done.


Today was the last day of SXSW. Dean and I had enough time to squeeze in a session and a half this morning before we had to ditch and catch the plane.

I sat in on Customer Service is the New Marketing, a great session on how companies like Zappos and Flickr are going above and beyond to delight their customers. Great stuff that I hope to bring back to work. I got a chance to say hi to Heather from Flickr. Met Steven — who’s the Director of Product Management at Netflix — and let him know what I think of the company (all good stuff). I also ran into (and heaped some praise on) Ryan Carson, creator of DropSend, my favorite little email app for big packages.

Design Aesthetic of the Indie Developer was the last session of the day. I met Kevin Cornell and (I think) I had my eardrum blown out by Dan Mall, who was showing his love for Inman.

All in all a good day, slightly offset by our unexpected 6 hour stay in the Austin airport. A big ol’ storm in Texas put the breaks on all the flights in Dallas. We were supposed to land in KC around 5 — we hit the runway around 10:30. It’s good to be home.

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