the new design

The regular reader of this blog may notice a slight change in the design. That’s due to the new design, dubbed ‘monsterism’, which debuted today. I’ve had this idea swimming around in my head since February, and thanks to a recent holiday and vacation day, I finally had time to put my ideas to pixels.

Feed subscribers should be none the wiser, but you might want to drop by the site to keep yourself in the know.

I know there’s a bug or two to work on, but let me know if you see anything really odd.

Now back to my regular intermittent blogging schedule.

2 thoughts on “the new design

  1. This is pretty much the best blog design ever yo! I love the monster look!

    Keep it real to the streets KJ, your street cred is getting bigger and bigger in the T.O.P.!

    If you need a dolla holla!