Noteworthy, early June edition

The nicer-than-the-name suggests folks over at the barbarian group are giving away a web browser called plainview — it’s tailor-made for presentations; just enter a URL (or a set) and you’ll see nothing but fullscreen browsing goodness. No browser chrome, distracting bookmark bar, tabs or other distractions. Did I mention it’s free?

(i)Phone as human to digital interface.
— a (relatively) old-y but goodie from the gang at Zeus Jones posing the idea that connected devices like the iPhone a well positioned to become true extensions of yourself — with the ability to document virtually everywhere you travel and everything you see, hear and do.

Last but not least, a classic video from Charles and Ray Eames. I was explaining this video to someone recently — if you’ve never seen it, it’s worth your time to watch the whole thing.