For all the Transformers nerds out there wondering whatever happened to the most evil tape deck ever, look no further:

Nice touches include an appearance by Ravage and his affair with Mr. Coffee.

F*** you, Bob

Normally I don’t care for Budweiser commercials. They’re amusing, but they tend to stick to variations on a single joke. This one, however, features swearing — and that’s almost always funny.

Shave to Save

Kudos to Dean who volunteered to go bald today. Did he do it for fashion or fame? Nope, he did it for the American Cancer Society’s 2007 Shave to Save event.

As one of the few people at work with a dreamy ‘doo, Dean was on a short list of candidates. We’re all glad he was willing to go under the shears in memory of his Dad and in honor of our good friend Scott Bosworth, who made it to the event in just enough time to step up on stage and take the first swipe:


Finally, with FlickrBlockrs (patent pending) you’re finally able to relax in front of the camera! Don’t fret about looking awkward! No one will know who you are! YOU CAN NOW HIDE BEHIND THE ANONYMITY OF THE INTERNET!

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