iPhone 365 – a video of my year in photos

Starting back in 2009, I’ve participated in a photo-a-day project called iPhone 365. At the end of every year, I’ve created a video/slideshow to showcase all of my photos. This year, I managed to capture 365 photos (my 3rd consecutive year).

This year, I mixed in bits of video amongst the photos – I think it adds a nice feel to the piece, and it’s something I hope to do more in 2014.

Production Notes

All photos & video were shot with an iPhone 5

  • Apps – Shooting: Camera (default), SlowShutter (long exposures), SnappyCam (for action)
  • Apps – Editing: VSCOcam, Camera+, Image Blender
  • 365 Video: Downloaded photos from my 2013 365 Flickr set using Photo Grabbr then compiled and edited everything with Adobe Premiere. In years past, I compiled the video using Apple iMovie; taking a bit of time to learn how to use Premiere was a huge step forward – it provides a lot more control over the timing of each photo and I’m much happier with the quality of the finished piece.

iPhone 365 – 2009. Fin.

I participated in an iPhone365 project in the 2009. It was much more difficult that I thought it would be. Even with a cameraphone by my side at all times, there were days I forgot to take a picture, days where I wasn’t inspired to take a picture (those days: Wake up, go to work, come home, repeat = yawn) and towards the end of the year, I just didn’t get around to taking any photos.

When all was said and done (yesterday), I came out with 198 photos — an admirable effort, but well short of the goal. It’s still a blast to look through the photos and see where I was (or where my head was) throughout the year.

With that in mind, I made a quick movie of all the photos set to the song I listened to the most in 2009, Radiohead’s “Gagging Order” (199 plays, according to iTunes). Enjoy!

(and if you want to participate in 2010, it’s the perfect time to start. I’ve already posted my first photo for 2010.

iPhone 365 – 2009 from Kyle Johnston on Vimeo.

Would You Like a Pony?

Excellent hidden-camera style spot from ally bank.

On a totally unrelated note, this blog has been woefully neglected over the past few months in favor of—in no particular order—getting Creative Cohort off the ground, a couple of extensive freelance projects, gobs of activity at the regular gig and livin’ life. More posts to follow soon, probably a short burst of activity followed by another month or two of dead silence. Such is life.

The Producer of the Future

Creativity Online has posted a nice video tour of CP+B’s Boulder office. Normally, I would have posted this as a link dump kind of post, but the first half of the video is interesting enough to warrant a post of its own.

The folks at CP+B are talking integrated producers — meaning they pair specialists in web, video and interactive on projects. As they work together, those specialists push projects to new places with the added benefit of learning new skills along the way. As they begin to see projects from different perspectives, you end up with a video producer who could excel at creating (or overseeing the creation of) a website, web pros shooting videos for online spots, etc.

This kind of idea has been knocking around in my head for the past year or so, but this video does a great job of putting the disparate ideas in my head down on pixels. I think this approach is a natural evolution of online media and those who create it.

Watch it ASAP — I think Creativity locks their content behind a subscription page after 7 days or so.

Link Dump

Lots of good stuff out on the ol’ interwebs this week. In no particular order:

The Orange Underground – an interesting campaign for Cheetos by Goodby Silverstein. There are a lot of nice little touches, like the pattern overlaying the video and the cheap “paper” and felt-tip pen drawings in the cookbook.

Exiled!, a new show from MTV. Take the Super Sweet 16 kids and send them to live with tribes in Africa and Antartica. It sounds like a joke, but the Fallon Planning Blog has the skinny.

Guinness, Life of a Dot, a nice progression of their award-winning Evolution spot. I think these pieces complement each other nicely without trying to rehash the exact same idea.

CP+B’s Holiday Card – made for a select group of their clients, this card features a nice little customizable video and some surprising interaction at the end. (Use this code: 547WERT)

More on the CP+B tip, they’re doing some nice work for Domino’s now; taking them back to their “30 minutes or it’s free” guarantee.

Cool Flash-based website for Soïa & Kyo, a fashion outerwear maker. Love the 3D space mixed with the hand-drawn elements.

Hot links, 7-11

The new MK12 is here! the new MK12 is here! The best part of the site? They’ve posted a huge archive of their work — you’ll be in a daze for days.

Just Do It South Africa — a fantastic new Nike campaign from W+K Amsterdam. Check their blog for samples of the print work, which features beautiful photography and pitch-perfect copywriting (the real star of the show). Similarly, the TV spot (below) looks stunning, but the VOs and sound design make it sing.