Graphic Resources 3

In a spirit of giving inspired by DesignBum, I’ve decided to offer some of the graphic resources that I’ve found handy over the years. Over the next week or so (at least until I run out of stuff to give away), you can look forward to free downloads of Illustrator files, images, and textures.

I’ve been using this dummy for a few years to mock up all of my screen printing projects (Fig. 1), and I think it’s time to share the t-shirt lovin’.

Feel free to download this snazzy, completely vectorized, customizable template….my only request of those who use this artwork: if you use this in any your projects, send me a screenshot, URL, or printed sample.


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2 thoughts on “Graphic Resources 3”

  1. Kyle…you’re going to have to explain vectorized to me. I think I have the idea…but I’m sure you could explain it better…

  2. Vectorized is my fancy word, long for vector.

    All of the images you see on the web, which may be generated by apps like Photoshop, are raster files. Raster files are made up of individual pixels. So when you try to enlarge them, they look like ass.

    Vector files (in this case, an Adobe Illustrator file) are made up of points, lines, and curves. That means you could scale this graphic to any size — from a postage stamp to an 8-story building — without any affect on the image quality.

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