SLOMing It

Peculiar anti-drug spot from Wieden + Kennedy. Read a little of the backstory on their blog. Edit: they removed the post.

As a teenager, I never found anti-drug messages particularly compelling (although I said no to drugs in high school). This seems to follow in that tradition; it’s very well made, entertaining, and it gets the message across with a little humor and a bit of ‘ick’, but I don’t have a big emotional reaction/a-ha moment by the end. I’d like to know if the concept was shared with the target audience and how they reacted…

*Update: Learn more about SLOMing here.

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  1. this just my opinion
    its creepy and the whole SLOMing thing real or not is just gross and that whole licking toads is just as nasty it just gives me chils down my spine ew.

  2. what the fuck…thats so stupid…its like you like throwing bugs on you…..who ever does this are dumb asses!!!!

  3. well obviously pot has tons of medical benefits and is an entirely possitive drug. Yes putting leaches on yourself is a stupid idea, jesus christ. It frightens me that they are using these kinds of ridiculous commercials. Damn, reading through these internet forums lately shows me how stupid alot of people are. I hope it’s just online, damn.

  4. Okay i kinda ge it now! But how is people going to get relief by putting leaches on yourself going to make you feel good? I can understand if you are having problems in school or at home but how is hurtinf yourself going to make it all better? Or does it hurt, does it tickle? I dont understand! Why would you do that when you can try something else. Something like helping someone who may have the smae problems as you? Someone please explain this to me!

  5. Ummm yea like it is like real cuz like ppl at ma skool do it I mean like I don’t do it but lik some of like my friends do it it’s w/e…….. So like yea pretty much it’s real

  6. OK… first off… On the pot.. It does have adverse effects… it is called very rightly the anti- motivational drug.. (even tho I wouldn’t call it a drug) When you smoke pot you wanna sit and don feel like doing anything… no-one on this planet earth has ever OD’d on pot… But they have died from lung cancer and bronchitis… enphizema… and the like cuz… Duh… you are inhaling harmful carcenigens into your lungs… but if a stoner decided that tey would forever eat their pot to get high… they would never suffer any bad Health effects… while pot is not physicly addicting.. it is psychlogicly addicting… it does make you feel good… so f course you’ll wannado it again… like a massage…. but Overdose??? Seriously… THC is not directly harmful…. Carbon Monixide on the ther hand is… a by-product of BURNING anything… DUH… My point is that pot is not Harmful if you have some sense in your head to begin wit…. don sit and smoke an OZ to the face or you will choke to death…. not gunna OD on THC… And SLOMing is not real… retards… they made it for this stupid commecial so people would think about the stupid things they do… but the stupid people in the world disregard the stupid things they do and ask… is this another stupid thing I can do??? SLOMing is fake… pot is good… And it will not destroy your life… but it could make your life very LAME… CRACK is the one that destroys lifes… not POT… They showcase the wrong things on thiese stupid commercials… They should have a lil crack-pipe instead of a joint at the end…
    P.S. The joint at the end is very poorly roled and should be BANNED… That is all

  7. whoever does sloming u r fucked up i mean who is stupid enough to do something like that dipshits



  9. Wow, some people are so stupid. Leeches help with heart problems. They inject a chemicle that thins the blood. So when they suck it doesn’t clot and yeah. So some people accualy need to do this at hospitals to help them live healthy. So In certain ways sloming is real. And they reson they use weed at the end is because its a gateway drug. Some people get bored with the high and want a better high so they go to harder and more messed up drugs. So theys what weed is the thing to stay away from.

  10. Fuck, no its not true. If it were true then there would be a major lawsuit involved. It would show teens using drugs. Paren’ts would be pissed, that a commercial let their children do drugs on national television

  11. okay listen weed aint no gateway drug. TRUST n belive that just cause you smoke weed doesnt mean yer gonna be a crack head.
    & this whole “sloming” thing is fucking retarded n i dont really belive you will get a good high outta blood loss. wen you lose blood you get tired n weak.

  12. Wow im actually glad that i worked up the Curiosity to search up SLOMING on Google && find this website. Ok i was really convinced that people did this for fun or to get “high” but im not dumb enough to go try it … Leeches are just plain nasty you dig. But these people on here make me laugh .. As for me ill just stick with the weed. :) Builds your ammune system. ;) keep on sloming fuckers.

  13. Oh my gosh i really thought it was real at first!!! haha but that would b a f*ckn dumb thing 2 do! because like yaeh who would really stick leaches on them selves the only time i did it was 4 money and abet! but shit who cares cause i got payed! $$$$

  14. okay so um everyone on this thread says that they know people that do it and they know somebody that knows somebody or they’ve heard of people doing it, but no one has said yet that they do it themselves? hmmm its not realllll. yall are dumb.

  15. sooo slaoming is soo gross i cant belive that stupd ppl rly do shit like that for fun thats retardo!

  16. omg slomming is so kool i love it but no one should do it its verii bad but well i can do it wit madd ppl because im like bagin hot and who evaz readin this is prob verii ugly orl ike madd hot so youhh no wat fuck youhh dumb bitches.

  17. I saw the commercial for the whole slomming thing, and I had heard of it before, but my mom had told me it was just a metaphor stating what can you be convinved to do. Is this slomming thing real or not, cause the commercial really doesn’t make sense and is kind of stupid cause alot of dumb as*s are gonna try it to see if it works.

    Everyone should just stick to smoking pot rather than having your blood sucked out. Damn times have changed.


    check my out on

  18. okay. so me and my friends were talking and we totally wanted to know if it was true. so we asked my mom and she was like yeah, they use leeches for medical purposes. like if you get bitten by a snake they put leeches around were the snakebite to suck the vemon out of that area of blood. My mom i guess you could say was a “rebel” back in her day. and she was into whatever everyones else was so she did it once and hated it. So don’t do it! =]] lol but anyways people that say it is addictive are dumb cause its not. thats like saying your drunk when you just a little buzzed. so yeaa skunks.

  19. First of all most of you mofos can’t even spell on this blog. 2nd most of you that do such stupid shit like this are just telling other people that “it so Kool” dumd fucks. The mossage on this stupid commercial is to get other stupid people like yourselves to do. Just another stupid way to get high, dizzy or what ever this sloming does to you. i don’t approve of the commercial. Cause like other people the message is confusing and my first question was ” is this for real?” And I see that most dumb kids on this blog do, do this…
    I don’t understand what this generation has come to. Just like one of the guys that says he’s sloming now and its so great and he’s seen other people do it and never wake up…I think that most of you need to wake up out of this stupid addiction before its too late.

  20. wow! I cant believe something like that is real I mean I looked it up myself and and sloming is actually real

  21. First of all SLOMing will not get you high, you might feel the same as if you went and donated blood. Leaches are used for medical purpose, they drain blood and let your veins repair themselves. They have no natural painkiller, nothing that will get you high. And according to my cousin kids in her school do this, because they think it is getting them high and it isn’t illegal. I think a big thanks goes out to the anti drug people for starting this.

  22. what the hell are these dumb ass people thinking and where the hell are they getting the leeches from i bet there slow asses think someone will think about being a leech dealer if they didnt already … idiots

  23. We are so screwed as a nation if this is the intellect of the next generation!!!!!

  24. Yo guys Ive been SLOMing for years iam an addict and yes its rare but it really does get you high I almost O Ded on like 10 leeches.

  25. I live in the Buffalo area, and twelve kids have gotten suspended at my middle school for SLOMing in school. Even if it doesn’t get you high, which I know it probably wouldn’t, everyone’s doing it because they think it will, there’s probably some sort of placebo effect too. It’s not just my town, I know lots of towns in the area have been having the same problem!

  26. I dont know if it is true or not but the website says its not real. its just a metaphor.but i guess the the commercial tried to show kids that u shuldnt do what everybody else does, but i guess that ppl really have been sloming since the commercial! haha.

  27. o man why r yall doing this please STOP eww grose i know my comment doesn’t mean anything but i can still put my 2 sence in and today im doing a project on this crap b/c i care its due mon.

  28. i need help, i’ve been trying to get on other chat sites to talk to someone and i guess i’m the only one that doesn’t want to have sex over the internet, i just need someone to talk to i know its stupid to post over this site but i just don’t know what else to do

  29. yeah, its messed up! i told my biology teacher and she looked at me like i was crazy! and then made me look stupid cause she kept telling the rest of the class that i was making this shit up!

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