Graphic Resources 1

In a spirit of giving inspired by DesignBum, I’ve decided to offer some of the graphic resources that I’ve found handy over the years. Over the next week or so (at least until I run out of stuff to give away), you can look forward to free downloads of Illustrator files, images, and textures.

I’ll set it off with a generic mobile phone I recently created in Illustrator. This is loosely based on the ubiquitous RAZR, and it’s great for mockups, demos, etc.

My only request of those who download this artwork: if you use this in any your projects, send me a screenshot, URL, or printed sample.


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2 thoughts on “Graphic Resources 1

  1. thanks for the mobile src! i am in just a rush, and thank god, i found your work… will show you when it’s applied into the work i am working on. thanks.