VCAMs — Just a Fad?

Current has been running viewer-created ad messages (VCAMs) for a while now. 99% of the ads prove the being consistently clever and creative while delivering a compelling, coherent brand message isn’t as easy as it looks.

Here’s how it works: Current lines up a sponsor; the first was Sony, followed by Toyota and L’Oreal. The sponsor provides assets (primarily photos and logos) and a creative brief; a little background on the brand, the feeling they want the ads to evoke, etc.

Next, Current viewers download the assets, ignore the brief, and set to work on their commercials. The results generally look like local commercials for global brands, with a few notable exceptions:

[Edit: video embed lost to the ages]
This example was created by an animation and visual effects studio

However, even the quality submissions don’t do a great job of representing these big-name brands. It will be interesting to see if consumer-generated advertising is a passing fad or if consumers and companies can mature the process and create truly compelling work.