Where 2.0 notes 2

More notes from day 1 of Where 2.0 – the day’s over and there’s a lot to take in.

The other big Google announcement was Google Mapplets. The best way to describe Mapplets is to use Google’s words: “mashup of mashups”. Meaning you can take a services built on Google Maps (choose from 1000’s) and combine them for (what’s likely to be) some really interesting results. There’s more in-depth detail over at the Google Lat Long Blog.

Garmin (my travel companions) announced our developer site with a focus on Garmin Communicator – a browser plugin that allows websites like Geocaching.com and MotionBased to send and receive GPS data to Garmin devices. Web Services is another tool that opens up the power of MotionBased’s data and tools. Last but not least, Web Drop is (I think) a little hidden gem that allows you to highlight any address on the web, geocode it and send it to a Garmin device with a single click.

That’s all I’m writing for today; I need to cull through my notes before I write about all the other stuff that was announced or discussed today.