Where 2.0

I’m heading out for Where 2.0 later this weekend (which includes tacking on a couple days of vaca in San Fran).

Should be an interesting conference with folks from all over online mapping world in attendance; Google, Yahoo, MapQuest, Open Street Mapping, my gang, and many others.

Monday evening’s Ignite Where session sounds like an interesting way to kick off the conference—20 speakers get 5 minutes on stage with 15 seconds per slide to say whatever they want. I definitely want to check it out if we make it to San Jose on time… depends on how long we spend cruising down the PCH.

* update: found more details about the Ignite session on Upcoming.org *

** update 2: found video from an Ignite event in Seattle **

One thought on “Where 2.0

  1. The Ignite Where session sounds like a blast. Be even cooler if they video cast the whole thing. 5 minutes and 15 seconds per slide? Dang, should be some good entertainment to say the least. Let us know how it turns out.

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