Stealing My Thunder*

For those who hang on my every sporadic word via a feed reader, you may want to take some time to peruse the new site. I’ve put a fresh coat of shellac on the little bugger, with special attention paid to the popular fonts and portfolio pages.

My goal was to push the boundaries of traditional web layout and apply a magazine-style grid to bits of the site, which was relatively easy to achieve with the help of the handy Blueprint CSS framework. As time allows, I hope to push the blog format in this direction, too (à la JSM).

In Other News

Never to be outdone, IDEO beat me to the punch by about a week with the launch of their new site.

They’ve done an superb job of bringing a massive amount of fascinating content to the foreground while maintaing an easy-to-use, eminently browsable interface. Inspiring all around.

*regarding the title of the post, totally kidding.