Idea: Smaller as better?

A line in this interview with Alex Bogusky caught my eye:

“I’m always surprised by how wealthy people gravitate to huge homes. Who wants to walk a half block to get a midnight snack? But smaller alone isn’t really the whole story. Smaller and higher quality is really the opportunity.

This is something I often think about when I drive by high-end homes… outside of major cities, it seems like bigger is the only option available for non-retirees. What if builders offered smaller homes with better features?

Offerings I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Higher-quality building materials
  • Pre-configured wireless network (with or without tech support)
  • Home wind turbines and solar systems
  • Include a car, maybe a Hybrid in an exclusive model or color
  • Include bikes, Segways, or other low-impact modes of transportation for quick errands near the neighborhood
  • Neighborhood services like chefs, nutritionists, personal trainers or pet sitters

Ultimately, I think the offerings would need to appeal to self-interest and sense of status to be successful. Green features and community enhancement sound good on a list, but my cynical side isn’t sure they would translate into big business.

What do you think—is there an opportunity here?

    This has been the second in a series of random product/service/whatever ideas that pop into my head… ideas that I think are viable from a business and/or usage standpoint, but probably don’t have the time/desire/resources to implement.

    Throwing out an idea

    For a while now, I’ve been thinking I should throw some of the random product/service/whatever ideas that pop into my head on the blog… things that I think are viable from a business and/or usage standpoint, but things I probably don’t have the time/skills/resources to implement.

    Todays seems like as good a day as any to start, so here’s the idea: Create an iPhone app that allows you to order pizza online.

    If it were an independent app, maybe it could allow you to select the nearest pizza purveyor and order your favorite pie. The app could also keep track of special offers and coupons which might also serve as a revenue stream (i.e. pizza co’s might pay a small percentage as a finder’s fee.) Come to think of it, this might work as a standalone website, too.

    If the app were developed by a specific brand—say, Domino’s—you could incorporate a mobile pizza tracker, 1-click ordering for your favorite toppings, etc.

    This idea was sparked by this post via Peter’s shared items